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A resource for local travelers

Are you ready to gain more business, find interesting new locations, or create incredible deals? Let us give you that advantage by making all resorts in Malaysia accessible at your fingertips. Please visit our website and learn more how we can help you in your search for resorts. We are sure that you will find our website very useful and helpful.

Malaysia is truly one enigmatic country with incredible natural beauty, a bustling cosmopolitan life and quaint rural areas that evoke the progress of the nation while respecting its roots and natural beauty. Our website is your ultimate resource to all the resorts in Malaysia, from cheap finds for backpackers, to the most exuberant luxury resorts for businessmen and jet setters. Our website is designed to inform the public about the diversity of resorts in Malaysia. The impact of tourism has led to the creation of a stable hospitality business in the nation. We hope that through our website, we can educate you about the many options that you can take to find the most incredible resort areas in both popular and developing tourist sites.

A resource for local travelers
While our website aims to provide a comprehensive list of resorts across Malaysia, a lot of Malaysians may not still be aware of some of these incredible locations. Our goal is to be your ultimate resource online for emerging resort destinations across the country. We make sure that you are kept updated about what is new, hot and popular in Malaysia’s Resort scene. A lot of locals have not yet discovered the incredible beauty of Malaysia and are just looking for the best venue to experience the real beauty and appeal of this country. Please visit our website to get the latest information on these local destinations.

A must-see for international travelers
People who go to Malaysia might have some preconceived notions on what to expect, where to go and what to do. While the resorts in Malaysia are already expanding, it is important to help tourists become more aware that there are tons of options available for them to enjoy a leisurely time. Our website aims to be a useful information database by helping tourists find amazing resorts and take advantage of what unique services and experience they advertise in the website. Though we do not make business with these resorts directly, we aim to position their business across the international market for better revenue.

For hotel owners and marketers
New resort hotel owners may be thrilled about the incredible services that are available on their resorts but the local and international tourist population doesn’t. We invite marketers and resort owners to utilize our website and promote or inform the public about your unique and how we can also make your business grow. We are sure that your business will definitely take off once you are listed on our site.

For travel dealers
Finding a perfect travel package can be pretty difficult especially when you are giving the same old thing to customers. It is necessary to innovate and make better travel itineraries. Our website is a perfect resource for you to find new resorts, contact businesses and related establishments in order to create better and more appealing travel deals. The tourism business is booming in the country and our goal is to help businesses in getting the right information for promotional purposes or to make business with these resorts. Our scope and service spans across different sectors.

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    Selangor Aviation Show 2022 aims to be a regional networking platform to showcase the future of the aviation and Malaysia aerospace industry. Industry players, including business aviation, helicopters and private airplane, can network and explore potential global and domestic investments and partners.
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