What is it that you look forward to at the end of the year? Holiday, of course! With celebrations such as Christmas and New Year in tow, it heightens the mood even more. It’s also the time to unwind and reflect on the whole year, whether you’ve achieved what you set out to do at the beginning of the year or to make some new resolutions for the next. Apart from that, it’s the perfect time for a getaway to reward yourself and your loved ones.

Most people would pick the beach as their preferred holiday destination, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Malaysia is known for its glorious sandy beaches and great sea view as well as its designer crafted resorts. But, with so many to choose from, how do you decide on ‘the one’ to chill and relax? Here, we bring you a few tips on how to pick the best resort for your travel.

Purpose of the Getaway

Keep in mind the purpose of the travel. Is it to celebrate a special occasion? Or is it just a simple vacation to chill on the beach and catch up on some rest? Or is it to try out new things such as snorkeling and diving? You can narrow down your options according to each purpose and cross out those that do not offer such activities or packages.


Are you travelling alone, with your besties, beau or family? If you’re holidaying alone or with your friends, you can choose a resort that has adults-only facilities. With your beau, you can opt for a more romantic setting with resorts that offer honeymoon packages or couple activities for that extra touch. If you’re with a tow of children and senior members, do look out for resorts that cater facilities or activities for both adult and children. This way, everyone will be entertained and enjoy themselves.

Environment of the Resort

Do your research before booking. Find out reviews on the resorts at travel websites or from your family members and friends who have been to the resort. Are the rooms and in-room facilities up to standard? Is the room’s view to your liking? Is the resort well kept? Also, is there any complaint on the services rendered by the resort? How about security? All these are worth considering to prevent unwanted encounters when you arrive at the destination.

Getting There and About

Is the resort easily accessible from major cities and the airport? Does the resort provide pick up/drop off services? Are there public transportations – buses or taxis that you could flag down to explore nearby tourist attractions? Are there car rentals to make travelling more enjoyable? All these are necessary unless you travel by your own transportation or you want to stay in the resort for the whole duration of the vacation.

Food and Beverage

Not everyone is picky about what they’re having to keep their stomachs full. But, to most travelers, it would be a concern as you do not want it to spoil the overall mood of the holiday. Check out reviews of the restaurants in the resort online. If it’s not up to your standard, search for places around the resort that cater to your taste buds. If you’re travelling outstation, find places that let you taste their local food for an added dining adventure.

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